The Mariner

It was a pleasure to shoot and edit the trailer for this upcoming production of The Mariner from Third Cloud From the Left! It’s a beautiful and haunting piece, and the intimate staging allows the actors to work with nuance and sensitivity normally reserved for the screen.



Dracula with Inferno Theatre Company

I will be appearing in Inferno Theatre Company’s production of Dracula in October-November 2017.

With DRACULA we bring you a Gothic romance reimagined through the lens of fear and fascination for the primordial mysteries that surround us — blood, death, love, and fear of the foreigner who brings the ultimate epidemic.

A common purpose and love empower a society to overcome this bloody epidemic and defeat Dracula, the supreme outsider bent on controlling society.

The play unfolds through live music, compelling physical theater, dance, and magic spells, to guide the audience on a journey of primeval instinct and dangerous love.

DRACULA opens October 26, and plays on ThursdayFridaySaturday and Sunday evenings through November 18th at the Brooklyn Preserve:  1433 12th Ave., Oakland, CA 94606.  ThursdayFriday, and Saturday evening performances begin at 8 pmSundayperformances begin at 7pm.  A special performance event and after party will be held on Halloween night, October 31st, beginning at 8 pm.

More info: www.infernotheatre.org and on Facebook: Inferno Theatre Company



The Music/Scene

My short play will be performed as part of the immersive theatrical event, The Music/Scene.

PianoFight’s Music/Scene is a collaboration between local San Francisco songwriters, playwrights, and over 30 theater artists to create a one of a kind immersive theatrical experience. Set in a live music show happening all around you, musicians light up the stage, characters come to life, and drama unfolds in this one of a kind mixed-form story telling.

Seven Playwrights: Gabriel Leif Bellman, Stuart Bousel, Donna Mae Foronda, Bill Hyatt, Meghan Kathleen O’Connor, Christine Keating, and Lana Palmer.

Six Songwriters: ContainHer, Julie Dillon, Marcus Ghiasi of Your Fearless Leader, Kris Hauch of Norway House, Sara Judge, and JJ Shultz.

Six Songs, Six Scenes, One immersive show, with more than a few suprises!

Tickets available at Eventbrite.





‘Dreamers’ was performed in Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco 24 hour play festival, July 2017.

Cast: Sara Judge, Kevin F. Adler, Janice Rumschlag

Directed by: Tatiana Gelfand

Produced by: Bill Hyatt and Bridgette Dutta Portman