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The Music/Scene

My short play will be performed as part of the immersive theatrical event, The Music/Scene.

PianoFight’s Music/Scene is a collaboration between local San Francisco songwriters, playwrights, and over 30 theater artists to create a one of a kind immersive theatrical experience. Set in a live music show happening all around you, musicians light up the stage, characters come to life, and drama unfolds in this one of a kind mixed-form story telling.

Seven Playwrights: Gabriel Leif Bellman, Stuart Bousel, Donna Mae Foronda, Bill Hyatt, Meghan Kathleen O’Connor, Christine Keating, and Lana Palmer.

Six Songwriters: ContainHer, Julie Dillon, Marcus Ghiasi of Your Fearless Leader, Kris Hauch of Norway House, Sara Judge, and JJ Shultz.

Six Songs, Six Scenes, One immersive show, with more than a few suprises!

Tickets available at Eventbrite.





‘Dreamers’ was performed in Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco 24 hour play festival, July 2017.

Cast: Sara Judge, Kevin F. Adler, Janice Rumschlag

Directed by: Tatiana Gelfand

Produced by: Bill Hyatt and Bridgette Dutta Portman